Episode 3: DPC for the Underserved…with Dr Ryan Neuhofel

“I kind of consider my clinic a concierge safety-net clinic.”
–Dr Ryan Neuhofel


  1. NeuCare
  2. Dr Garrison Bliss
  3. Medically Underserved Areas and Where the US Needs Doctors

Direct Primary Care has been criticized by some naysayers as a luxury only available to the wealthy, but for Dr Ryan Nuehofel, this has been anything but the case for his practice. Self-termed a ‘concierge safety-net clinic,’ NueCare has provided care to many underserved patients via Direct Primary Care arrangements. In this episode Dr Ryan Nuehofel, founder of NueCare discusses his motivation for starting a Direct Primary Care practice and how he has been able to serve a predominately underserved population by going direct. Contrary to popular belief, many of his patients, though considered underserved, get far more attention and service due to the fact that they pay for services outside of insurance or Medicaid.

Time Stamped
[01:27] Could you tell us about your Direct Primary Care Practice?

[01:51] What kind of population does Dr Neuhofel’s clinic serve?

[05:21] What challenges has Dr Nuehofel dealt with when dealing with underserved patients.

[08:48] Has Dr Nuehofel ever had to resort to collections?

[09:55] Where Dr Nuehofel got the idea to start a Direct Primary Care practice?

[12:18] How did Dr Nuehofel go about finding a location, hiring staff and getting legal help?

[14:37] Administrative hassle of a fee-for-service practice versus a Direct Primary Care practice.

[15:25] Dr Nuehofel’s response to criticisms of Direct Primary Care being for the wealthy.

Dr Ryan Nuehofel


Dr Ryan Neuhofel is a Direct Primary Care doctor and the founder of NeuCare in Lawrence, KS. In addition to being a Direct Primary Care doctor, he is among the founding members of the Direct Primary Care Alliance, a grassroots organization devoted to supporting Direct Primary Care doctors through support, education and advocacy, and a a national advocate for the Direct Primary Care movement.

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