Episode 14: Health Sharing Ministries and DPC (Part 2: CMF CURO/Samaritan)–with Mr Michael Vacca


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Health sharing ministries work by pooling funds from members of a group, joined by a common belief system, to pay for medical expenses of its members. CMF CURO is a Catholic health sharing ministry whose members receive coverage of medical expenses through Samaritan Ministries International. Health sharing plans can often provide coverage of medical expenses at a fraction of the cost of insurance and without the hassle of insurance contracts and premiums. In the interview Mr Michael Vacca, Director of Ministry and Policy, discusses how the health sharing process works, how it is similar to and different from health insurance and how membership can be paired with DPC membership to provide full spectrum medical care.

Key Questions

  1. So to start out, can you each tell me about the history of your programs?
  2. Can you tell me about how the sharing process works?
  3. How are insurance and health sharing different?
  4. If the programs are not insurance, can they still pay? What about large bills?
  5. Both programs have some basic requirements to join including a statement of belief and a commitment to certain lifestyle requirements. Can you give us an overview of each?
  6. How do each of your programs treat DPC?
  7. How would you recommend a DPC doc who has interested patients get more info?


Michael Vacca


Michael Vacca is a licensed attorney in Michigan and prior to working with CMF Curo he worked with the Pontifical Council on the Family in Rome. He is now at CMF Curo where he provides a helpful voice for the program. He serves as Assistant Direct of Ministry and Policy Development. He is a strong supporter of DPC and has helped many health sharing members find DPC doctors as a way to receive medical care.

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