Episode 36: DPC as an Employee Benefit–with Suzy Johnson and Rachel Miner


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  3. Suzy’s article on why benefits advisors should offer DPC as a benefit

As the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model takes off, many in the employee benefits world are continuing to grapple with Direct Primary Care as an employee benefit. While many brokers struggle to find a place in their offerings for a benefit that (usually) provides no commission, some benefits advisors have fully embraced DPC, recognizing the value it provides to their clients. Suzy Johnson and Rachel Miner are two such brokers who have embraced DPC as an offering to their clients and have worked to adjust their insurance plans to pair with DPC. In the interview, Suzy and Rachel discuss how they learned about DPC, how they’ve come to embrace DPC as a model for their clients and how other brokers who are interested in learning more about DPC can follow suit.

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[2:25] Suzy, to start out, how did EB advisors get involved in working with Direct Primary Care as an employee benefit?

[5:48] How has your experience grown with direct primary care practices?

[8:02] Now Rachel, you have worked with self-funded plans that pair with DPC for some time. Can you tell me about how these plans work and how they pair with DPC?

[13:01] A reference-based self-insurance plan paired with DPC has considerable potential to lower cost for premiums. Why is this?

[16:24] Now, as I’m sure you’re both aware, DPC is very novel and many advisers don’t understand it well enough to know how it fits into the whole picture of health insurance. How would you advise a benefits adviser to learn more?


Suzy Johnson
Rachel Miner


Suzy Johnson is the President of Employee Benefits Advisors in Charlotte, NC. In addition, she serves as a Senior Benefits Specialist and an author for Employee Benefit Advisor magazine.

Rachel Miner is an Employee Benefits Strategist with Employee Benefits Advisors in Charlotte, NC. She has experience facilitating DPC membership as an employee benefit and in crafting wrap-around plans to pair with DPC membership.


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