Episode 38: Iora Health–with Dr Rushika Fernandopulle


  1. Iora Health
  2. Iora’s collaboration with Humana Medicare Advantage
  3. Iora raises $100M to expand

Iora Health is a company based out of Cambridge, MA that provides DPC services to larger companies. Starting out seven years ago as a DPC practice serving individual pateints, Iora has since moved to focus on employer groups to the likes of Boeing, Dartmouth College, casino workers of Atlantic City, Medicare Advantage patients and many many more. Dr Rashika Fernandopulle is the founder of Iora and now serves as their CEO. In the interview they discuss how Iora got involved in serving employer groups, how going direct has allowed them to improve quality and lower cost for their clients, and howe their collaborations with employer groups can serve as a model for other DPC practices and businesses to form partnerships in the future.


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[2:54] So, to start, can you tell me about the name Iora. Where did it come from?

[3:47] When did Iora start? And how did Iora get involved in employer contracts?

[6:17] What’s the average number of lives covered in a contract? What is the scope of the services in the contract?

[7:39] As mentioned earlier, for many Iora would not pass the litmus test of DPC, but there are many ‘direct’ elements of the care you deliver that differs markedly from the status quo. How does Iora consider itself similar/different to/from DPC?

[9:14] Importance of what Iora is doing to the DPC movement.


Dr Rushika Fernandopulle


Dr Rashika Fernandopulle is a primary care doctor who completed his training at Harvard Medical School (HMS) in Boston, MA. He started Iora as a way to offer high quality, relationship-based primary care free from the constraints of fee-for-service based care. He now serves as the CEO of Iora in addition to being a primary care doctor.


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