Episode 37: The DPC Friendly Broker–with Mr George Claassen


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Mr George Claassen is one of those exceptional insurance brokers who not only has come to embrace Direct Primary Care (DPC) but also to focus on DPC as the target market of his insurance firm. Self-titled the “DPC Friendly Broker,” Mr Claassen found in DPC a solution to the unsavory options he had available to offer his clients for healthcare coverage. Starting out working with Dr Jeff Gold of Gold Direct Care in Marblehead, MA, Mr Claassen has come to work with many DPC doctors throughout the Northeast. He now focuses on direct primary care patients and doctors, working together with them to find insurance options that can supplement DPC practice membership. In the interview they discuss how he works to pair DPC with wrap-around insurance coverage, what kinds of plans he offers and how DPC doctors can work with other brokers to provide primary care and insurance to pair with DPC membership.



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[2:15] Mr Claassen can you tell us a bit about how you got into being the DPC friendly broker?

[4:51] What types of options do you offer to pair up with DPC membership?

[6:40] What DPC doctors have you worked with?

[9:15] For patients and/or doctors who are looking for a DPC friendly broker in their area, where would you suggest they look?

[12:36] For brokers who want to learn more about DPC, where would you suggest they look?

[13:37] Why the ‘old way’ of offering group plans as a broker doesn’t necessarily serve the needs of the employer.


Mr George Claassen


Mr George Claassen is an insurance agent who lives in Maine. He works with DPC doctors to help them find small to medium sized businesses who are interested in pairing DPC with wrap-around coverage. He can be found at the DPCfriendlybroker.com.


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