Episode 33: The Hint Summit–with Zak Holdsworth and Paul Lacey

Episode 33: The Hint Summit–with Mr Paul Lacey & Zak Holdsworth


  1. The Hint Summit
  2. Hint Health
  3. Dr Julie Gunther Speaks Truth About Our Broken Healthcare System


Now in its second year, the Hint Summit is quickly becoming one of the major DPC conferences. In Episode 33, Dr Roussel interviews Zak Holdsworth, CEO of HintHealth, and Paul Lacey, Senior Director of Marketing at Hint Health, about the Hint Summit. In the interview they not only discuss the logistics of the Hint Summit but also its importance to the DPC movement. Unlike other conferences, the Hint Summit is geared towards helping DPC engage the corporate world to the degree necessary to make DPC a cornerstone of the healthcare system.

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