Episode 42: The DPC Summit Pre-Conference (2018)–with Bethany Burk and Larry Bauer


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Key among issues facing the Direct Primary Care movement is the ability for employers to find meaningful insurance options that pair up with DPC services.  The 2018 DPC Summit pre-conference deals with just that, making it not only a healthcare conference but in many ways a HR conference. This conference brings together employers interested in reforming their benefits offering to lower cost and improve value and DPC doctors interested in providing high-quality, relationship-based primary care to patients outside of the fee for service environment. By bringing together both stakeholders involved, the conference hopes to catalyze these relationships as part of the transformation that needs to take place to grow DPC. The more that employers can learn about how their healthcare dollars are spent and the more that doctors can learn about the needs of employers, the more they can work together to improve value and lower costs. In the Episode Mr Larry Bauer, Chair of the FMEC, and Ms Bethany Burk, Summit coordinator, talk about the details of the Summit pre-conference and its importance to the conference as a whole and to the DPC movement.

Time Stamped
[02:35] Larry can you tell us about the pre-conference? Where is it? When is it? What does it deal with?
[04:40] Is the format going to be talks, breakout sessions or both?
[06:18] FMEC’s previous experience facilitating HR conference with DPC doctors
[07:11] How will the pre-conference tie into the official DPC Summit?

Larry Bauer, FMEC
Bethany Burk, AAFP


Larry Bauer is the Chair of the Family Medicine Education Consortium. A staunch supporter of Direct Primary Care, he has played an integral role in organizing previous DPC Conferences.


Bethany Burk is a quality specialist with the AAFP and is the current 2018 DPC Summit coordinator, a role in which she has served for the past 5 years.

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