Episode 41: The DPC Summit Healthcare Conference 2018–with Bethany Burk and Dr Kylie Vanaman


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Every year Direct Primary Care doctors from around the country come together at the annual DPC Summit to support DPC doctors—present and future—as well as to grow the DPC movement. It is now in its fifth year of operation and is now likely the fastest growing healthcare conference 2018 has to offer. The 2018 DPC Summit will take place in Indianapolis, IA on Jul 13-15. In this episode, Dr Roussel interviews Bethany Burk, DPC Summit coordinator, and Dr Kylie Vanaman, DPC doctor and DPC Summit steering committee member, about the 2018 summit. In particular they not only discuss the summit logistics but also new focuses on this year’s summit including an increased focus on collaboration with employers and employee benefits consultants. Finally, they also discuss the importance of the summit to the state of the DPC movement, which continues to gain traction.

Key Questions for Discussion

[02:22] To begin, Bethany can you give us a run down of the DPC summit healthcare conference 2018 agenda? Where is it, when is it and who’s invited?

[3:37]  Can you tell us some of the highlights of the healthcare conference?

[04:55] Dr Vannaman, as a steering committee member, what are you trying to focus on in the DPC healthcare conference 2018 that distinguishes it say from 2017 or 2016?

[06:46] I noted in this year’s agenda a focus on DPC as an employee benefit. Can you tell us about some of these talks that deal with the HR side of DPC?

[09:41] Do you see attention to DPC as an employee benefit as a sign of DPC’s growth?

The DPC Summit Healthcare Conference 2018


Bethany Burk is a quality specialist at the American Academy of Family Practice and is the coordinator for the DPC Summit.

Dr Kylie Vanaman is a DPC doctor who has a practice in Kansas City, Missouri and sits on the steering committee of the DPC Summit Healthcare Conference 2018.


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