Episode 44: The Hint Summit Recap–with Dr Paul Thomas

Episode 44: Hint Summit Recap

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In June 2018, DPC doctors and industry leaders from insurance, IT, human resources and healthcare companies united in San Francisco at the Hint Summit to collaborate on direct primary care. How, they asked, can we work together to make DPC a cornerstone of the healthcare system? Bringing together thought leaders from different areas of the healthcare system, speakers talked about not only what is holding the system back, but what needs to happen to move forward. Dr Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD) spoke of the elephant-rider analogy, encouraging mindfulness about perverse institutional incentives that prevent doctors and hospital from doing the right thing; Dave Chase spoke about the waste and fraud that is happening as a result of our current third party payment system, and how that can change with transforming the employee benefits industry; David Contorno spoke of reforming healthcare brokerage practices to focus on the needs of employers and not carriers; Dutch Rojas spoke on focusing on value when negotiating for surgical services; Garrison Bliss, the founder of Direct Primary Care, encouraged DPC doctors to carry the baton, live their mission and develop lasting relationships with patients; and many more doctors & business leaders gave exciting talks about the transformation to health 3.0–what needs to happen to make a healthcare system focused on transparency, value and relationship.

In the interview, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Paul Thomas, founder of Plum Health in Detroit and Hint Summit Summit attendee, as he discusses key points from the major talks in the summit. In their discussion they not only review the major points from the speakers but also what their message means for the DPC movement.

Time Stamped

[03:35] Dr. Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD) talk on the elephant-rider metaphor, its relevance to DPC and on TurnTable Health

[05:50] David Contorno talks about the ‘old model’ of benefits brokerage and how his change of practices has provided more value to companies.

[07:30] Dave Chase talks on institutional waste and how to funnel dollars spent on healthcare to high value providers.

[09:20] Dutch Rojas talks about negotiating value for payment of healthcare services.

[10:36] Garrison Bliss encourages doctors to carry the baton forward in this movement to reform primary care.

[11:16] Joel Bessmer talks about how metrics can show that DPC saves money.

[12:42] Dr Jeremy Smith talks about his work providing a DPC-focused insurance plan.

[14:06] Zak Holdsworth talks about Hint’s vision for changing the status quo of healthcare.

[15:23] Jay Keese gives an update on HR 365/ SB 1358 allowing HSA’s to pay for DPC membership.

[16:34] Ryan Nuehofel talks about building an alliance for the future.

[18:19] Health Rosetta Micro-Summit focuses on bringing in key community leaders to the table to educate them on how to improve value and lower costs for healthcare.

Dr Paul Thomas


Dr Paul Thomas is a family physician from Detroit, Michigan. He graduated residency in 2016 and founded Plum Health straight out of residency.  He attended the 2018 Hint Summit and was gracious enough to share the product of his meticulous notes with the DPC Podcast.

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