Episode 51: Bringing Clarity in this Dysfunctional Industry…with Mr Richard Brewer


  1. Paragon  Benefits
  2. What is a Third Party Administrator? (Blog Post by a DPC Practice)
  3. Understanding Self-Funded, Fully Insured Employers (Spruce Blog Post)

Few would argue that healthcare administration today is a dysfunctional industry. Incentives are misaligned and consequently cost does not translate to value. Employers and consumers get the short end of the stick. Direct primary care changes this by restoring the doctor patient relationship and eliminating excessive third party oversight. Still, however, patient’s need insurance for needs that can not be met by a DPC practice. In comes the need for employer self-funded plans, and Paragon Benefits, a third party administrator in Georgia, offers just this–employer self-funded plans that customize coverage to the needs of the employer. As a consequence, given that these plans are customized, they allow the employer save money that would otherwise go to a middle-man. What’s more, Paragon’s plans can be customized to pair up with DPC and cut-out the premium inflation that would go to low value primary care under a fee-for-service plan.

Time Stamped
[2:31] So Mr Brewer can you tell me a little about the history of Paragon?

[3:08] Changes to third party administrator companies under the Affordable Care Act?

[3:58] The motto of the company is “bringing clarity in this dysfunctional industry.” Why is that?

[5:35] Size of employers that Paragon specializes in.

[6:51] How many lives are covered on Paragon plans?

[7:47] What are the main geographic areas you serve?

[8:05] What networks do you use? How many of your plans are reference based?

[10:26] How can an employer/DPC doctor pair together to work with Paragon?


Mr Richard Brewer is a chief sales representative for Paragon Benefits. He has 20 years of experience in healthcare benefits administration.


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