Episode 52: HSA Bill Update & ‘Why I Do DPC?’–with Dr Phil Eskew & Docs from the DPC Summit


  1. House Ways and Means Committee Vote Update (Dr Phil’s Blog Post)
  2. HR 6317 Text
  3. Video of Markup from Ways and Means Website
  4. Direct Primary Care Coalition Update on the Markup

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At present it is technically not legal for patients to use their HSAs to pay for direct primary care, but a bill to change this has been years in the making. This direct primary care and HSA bill, known as the Primary Care Enhancement Act (Formerly HR365, now HR6317), was just marked up through the Joint Committee on Taxation and passed the House Ways and Means Committee. In the process, the bill’s original text was changed to include some new provisions, including a $150 cap of the monthly fee. In this episode, Dr Phil Eskew, legal expert and DPC doctor, discusses what the changes mean for direct primary care practices and what lies ahead for the bill to become law.

As well in this episode, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Yusuf Mathai (Sherwood, OR), Dr Claudia Emmons (Ocala, FL) and Dr Chris Larson (Austin, TX) from the DPC Podcast booth at the DPC Summit about why they chose DPC.

Time Stamped
[4:08] What’s happened in the past couple of weeks in the direct primary care and HSA bill?

[4:55] Why the Joint Committee on Taxation wanted to change the bill?

[5:12] What are the changes made to HR 365 (now HR 6317)? Why they made them?

[7:14] What happens after a House vote to HR 6317 for the bill to become law?

[9:44] Why Dr Yusuf Mathai decided to start a DPC Practice?

[10:48] Why Dr Claudia Emmons decided to switch from fee-for-service to DPC?

[12:37] Why Dr Christopher Larson went into DPC?


Dr Phil Eskew

Dr Phil Eskew, DO, MBA, JD is a DPC doctor. He is also of chief legal counsel at ProactivMD and the DPC Coalition and is recognized as the pre-eminent legal expert on DPC and the law.

Dr Yusuf Mathai

Dr Yusuf Mathai is a family physician from Oregon who has chosen to embark on DPC after 7-8 years of practice in fee-for-service medicine.

Dr Claudia Emmons

Dr Claudia Emmons is an internal medicine physician from Ocala, FL who decided to switch her practice over to a DPC practice after running an insurance based practice for several years.


Dr Chris Larson

Dr Chris Larson is a family physician from Austin, TX who started a DPC practice as a physician after switching to medicine from a finance career.


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