Day: July 19, 2018

Episode 53: The DPC Summit (2018) Recap with Dr Staci Benson

“Revolutions are bloody, and that’s what this is. Direct Primary Care is in the middle of a revolution.”
–Dr Erika Bliss, Former CEO, Qliance


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The Direct Primary Care Summit is arguably the largest gathering of DPC doctors from around the country. Every year DPC doctors convene to learn more about DPC and grow the movement to restore health care. The 2018 DPC Summit was held in Indianapolis, IN from July 13-15. The summit featured a number of motivating, informative and inspiring talks from DPC doctors and community leaders from around the nation. In this Episode Dr Staci Benson, DPC Summit steering committee member, founder of Paradigm Family Health and DPC grassroots organizer, gives a brief summary of each of the talks from the DPC Summit. For each talk she not only gives a brief synopsis of the content but also the importance of each talk to the overall growth of the movement.

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[4:30] In “Take a Leap of Truth” Jeff Gold, MD talks about the meaning of “Salveo,” and its importance to his work as a DPC doctor.

[6:02] In “Prove It or Lose It: Defining Outcomes the DPC Way” Joel Bessmer, MD talks about the importance of defining outcomes to prove to payors the efficacy of DPC and how Strada has been able to do this with nearly no additional effort on part of providers.

[8:19] In “DPC as the Advanced Alternative Payment Model — National Update” Brian Forrest, MD talks about the success of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative pilot
[10:14] In “If You’ve Seen One DPC Practice, You’ve Seen One DPC Practice” Thomas White, MD (Moderator); Cory Annis, MD; Maura McLaughlin, MD; Kylie Vannaman, MD talk about the uniqueness of each DPC practice and how doctors are able to individualize their practices

[11:15] In “Working With Small Employers: Creating Healthy Employees and Happy Employers’ Risheet Patel, MD, and Brad Banks, Co-Owner of Banks and Brower, LLC talk about how DPC as a covered benefit has helped improve employee and employer satisfaction

[12:25] In “Tunneling Through the Rock: The Qliance Experience” Erika Bliss, MD delivers a candid talk about the rise and fall of Qliance, expressing hope and optimism for DPC

[13:40] In “Lines in the Sand: Boundaries and Sustainable DPC” Julie Gunther, MD, and Delicia Haynes, MD talk about the importance of boundary setting when offering “24/7 access”

[14:47] In “Pearls of Wisdom for DPC Practices — What Works and What Doesn’t” Brian Forrest, MD and Emilie Scott, MD talk about the importance of keeping the DPC set-up simple and straightforward

[16:06] In “DPC Advocacy Briefing” Staci Benson, DO and Jay Keese give an update on the current status of the “Primary Care Enhancement Act”

[17:37] In “DPC Changed the Rules; Reclaim Full-Scope Practice!” Vance Lassey, MD, and Nick Tomsen, MD talk about how DPC has allowed them to reclaim full scope of practice, including maternity and in-patient care

[18:44] In “Employers & DPC: How-to Guide” Chris Larson, DO talks about how his practice has been able to pair DPC with wrap-around coverage to lower cost and improve value

[19:43] In “DPC Hustles Harder” Paul Thomas, MD talks about the importance of branding and social media presence for DPC practices

[20:30] In “Pressure and Fire” Julie Gunther, MD talks about the impact that pressure has had on her character, ultimately helping her grow as a person from the experience of being a DPC doctor

Dr Staci Benson


Dr Staci Benson is a family doctor from Dallas, Texas. She is the founder and owner of Paradigm Family Health. Among many accomplishments, she is an experienced grassroots organizer and has been instrumental in promoting the DPC movement.


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