Day: July 26, 2018

Episode 55: Sedera: A Health Plan for Small Businesses — with CEO Jamie Lagarde


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For small businesses, paying for catastrophic coverage can be pricey if not outright unaffordable. Due to the unpredictability of insuring small numbers, businesses with less than 20 employees often get hit with high prices for health insurance premiums. As a result, many employees of such businesses go without benefits that may be afforded with a larger employer. Yet small businesses form the backbone of the US economy. For them to succeed, finding a way to insure their employees will be essential to the wellbeing of the country and future generations.

In comes Sedera Health Plan. Birthed out of a company devoted to supporting traditional, religious-based health sharing ministries, Sedera set out in 2014 to facilitate small businesses’ sharing medical needs with one another, regardless of religious orientation. Rooted in the philosophy that we can do better by sharing, and that if we all work towards a healthier lifestyle we can improve one another’s lot, Sedera works as a health sharing plan specifically for members of small businesses. Members pay approximately $150 to $200 per month to the plan, and in exchange, when they have a medical need, they receive FULL coverage of the need–regardless of network or location–above the initial unshareable amount, be it $500, $1000 or $1500. This allows members to get seamless coverage of health care needs without the hassle or cost of many major medical plans.

In the interview, Dr Roussel interviews CEO Jamie Lagarde about the Sedera Health Plan. He not only explores how the plan works, but how and why Sedera began, and how Sedera can be paired up with Direct Primary Care to provide members with seamless, affordable and satisfying health care.

Time Stamped

[2:57] What is the history of Sedera? Why was it founded and what is its mission?

[5:56] When a member has a need (e.g. cardiac catheterization, premature baby), can you walk me through how the sharing process works?

[9:07] Since Sedera is not a religious-based ministry, what are the requirements for a member to join?

[10:55] Does Sedera offer a discount for DPC membership?

[13:12] Do members of Sedra have to pay a penalty to the IRS?

[16:05] Does Sedera cover pre-existing conditions? If so, which ones and when?

[16:50] Does Sedera offer commissions to brokers?

CEO Jamie Lagarde


Mr Jamie Lagarde has nearly 2 decades experience in systems and operations. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Goodwill in Texas. He has been the CEO of Sedera since their inception in 2014.


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