Episode 56: Doctors Unbound–with Dr David Draghinas


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Medicine is now more than ever at risk of becoming a big-box corporate machine. With more and more doctors being employed physicians by large hospital systems, the profession has, to many, lost its autonomy and prestige in the community. At present, many doctors, instead of knowing their neighbors and being well-known community members, lead much more private lives apart from their clinical work in their employed profession. And certainly, nothing is wrong inherently with privacy or with being employed, but now doctors are at risk of being co-opted into an impersonal, industrial machine that does not hold the same values as the personal, communitarian profession that characterized medicine for thousands of years. Save for those doctors who have left the status quo and choose to remain unbound.

In comes the Doctors Unbound Podcast. Started by Dr David Draghinas, an anesthesiologist by day, the Doctors Unbound Podcast focuses on doctors who are pushing the boundaries of the profession and refusing to be bound by the industrial machine of corporate healthcare. In the interview, Dr Roussel and Dr Draghinas talk about the importance of being unbound in today’s health care, what it means for the profession and what it means for direct primary care in particular.

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[2:53] So tell me, what was your inspiration to start the ‘Doctors Unbound’ Podcast?

[7:23] You mention on your site ‘burnout and loss of prestige’ affecting doctors more and more. Why do you think this is?

[10:14] Why do you think it’s so important for doctors to become unbound?

[12:10] How do you see specialists and primary care doctors working together to build up the profession?

Dr David Draghinas


Dr David is an anesthesiologist who trained at USC SD prior to serving in the Navy for 3 and ½ years. He started the Doctor’s Unbound Podcast in 2017 as a way to highlight doctors ‘unbound’ from the system and promote a positive, uplifting image of the great work being done within the profession.


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