Episode 58 Turbo-Charge Your DPC Marketing–with Dr Nicholas Tomsen


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DPC Marketing can be challenging. Since most people receive healthcare benefits through their insurance plan, convincing patients to pay out of pocket for care can make membership a hard sell. Not to mention the fact that payment is in advance, on a monthly basis. What’s more, physicians aren’t usually trained in marketing and sales, so when faced with the challenge of having to market their services, the task can seem daunting, foreign or insurmountable. While usually well received within the community, many DPC practices struggle to reach their target growth.

Yet there are some practices that have reached their target growth in remarkably short time. One such practice is Antioch Family Medicine in Wichita, Kansas. Started by Dr Nicholas Tomsen, Antioch Family Medicine provides full spectrum family medicine, from pediatric care to maternity care to inpatient medicine, for an affordable monthly membership fee. Dr Nicholas started Antioch family medicine in 2016, and has since been joined by Dr Allemand. As of this point, Dr Nicholas recounts that his panel is completely full, just two years out from starting a practice from scratch.

In the interview, Dr Nicholas recounts how he went about marketing his practice. Not only does he recount what worked to ‘turbo-charge’ his growth, but also what didn’t work. While challenging, he notes, growth to one’s target panel size is achievable for most if not all DPC practices.

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[03:28] So can you tell us a little about what got you into DPC?

[06:44] What inspired you to go to Wichita?

[07:37] How did you initially go about recruiting patients? What strategies worked the best for DPC marketing?

[10:28] What strategies didn’t work?

[13:46] Many DPC doctors have not been so fortunate to grow as quickly. Why do you think this is? What can be done to Turbo-charge DPC Marketing?

Dr Nicholas Tomsen


Dr Nicholas Tomsen is a family doctor originally from Nebraska. He went to the University of Iowa Medical School and to residency at the Via Christi family medicine residency. He then went on to complete a fellowship in international medicine. He started Antioch family medicine straight out of fellowship.

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