Day: August 14, 2018

Episode 60: Freedom HealthWorks: A DPC Marketing Company


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Launching a DPC practice is a challenging venture. In addition to the startup costs, rules, regulations and local laws that a new practice owner has to contend with, most doctors come out of training with little business acumen. Starting one’s own practice, much less one ‘off the grid,’ can be a formidable if not insurmountable challenge for many a would be DPC doctor. While there are certainly many resources available to DPC doctors to help them learn the ropes of small business ownership, there have been few if any one-stop shop solutions for DPC doctors to go from idea to profitable.

In comes Freedom HealthWorks. Started by co-founders Christopher and Adam Habig, Freedom HealthWorks aims to help DPC doctors achieve their goal of running a sustainable DPC practice from start to finish. From branding to website design to legal counsel to real estate advice, Freedom HealthWorks aims to provide doctors with all they need to succeed. What’s more, they work on a principle of transparency and responsibility, striving to charge fair prices and offer fair contracts.

In the interview, CEO and co-founder Christopher Habig talks about the Freedom HealthWorks experience. Starting out with the story of his own grandmother’s illness, he describes how a medication error led him on a venture to help primary care doctors continue their craft. He further goes on to describe how the Freedom HealthWorks plan works, what doctors they’ve worked with so far, how much they charge, how their contracts are structured and how they aim to stay away from the ‘third party’ mentality that has plagued healthcare.

Time Stamped

[2:37] Tell me a little more about FHW. When did you start it and what is your mission?

[7:01] What’s included in your scope of services?

[10:14] What geographic areas have you worked in and how many practices have you worked with so far?

[11:14] What do you charge and what are the term agreements?

[14:20] Are there any term periods for your contracts?

[16:00] Many doctors are averse to companies who have come in and unscrupulously taken revenue from doctors without providing them a helpful service. How does FHW consider itself different?

CEO Christopher Habig


Christopher Habig is the co-founder and CEO of Freedom HealthWorks.

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