Episode 61: Catapult Your DPC Website — with Mr David Maples, CEO, Catapult Creative Media


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Engaging website design for a DPC practice is crucial. Unlike other medical practices where patients are ‘fed’ to them by insurance plans, DPC practices have to work hard to market themselves to patients. What’s more, as a new model of primary care that doesn’t take insurance, DPC marketing requires even more effort at creating brand identity that patients will buy into.


Many DPC doctors, bootstrapped for cash, design their own website. And this is certainly doable. There are tools available for even the most tech-unsavvy people to make a basic website that gets across one’s message. Still, however, creating a website that truly captures the ‘package’ of DPC services offered by the clinic and the brand the doctor is trying to create requires a bit of extra effort. This can be done, but as a practice grows, a DPC doc will likely at some point need to call in outside assistance for marketing and branding.


This the work of Catapult Creative Media, a digital marketing company. Catapult, originally called drift web design, started out as a website company in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 2007 and has since expanded its operations to branding, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and print and promo materials. What’s more, over the past couple of years, Catapult has developed experience marketing direct primary care. Growing out of a relationship with Communitas Primary Care, Catapult has come to embrace DPC as the solution to the healthcare woes that ail the US Healthcare system.


In this episode, CEO David Maples discusses the importance of website design for DPC practices and how he has come to embrace the DPC model as the company’s CEO and co-founder.


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[3:08] Tell me a little bit about Catapult. How did you get started and what’s your business focus?


[5:00] What was your foret into DPC?


[09:58] What are some things to look for when outsourcing a DPC practice?


[13:35] What are some key points that a DPC doctor can take to drive traffic?


[17:35] How can you go about choosing a reputable marketing company with a good result for a reasonable price?


[21:52] What’s a good price for a website for a DPC practice?



David Maples is the co-founder and CEO of Catapult Creative Media. He is also a licensed attorney. He lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

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