Day: September 19, 2018

Episode 62: Defining Your DPC Brand–With Dr James Pinckney


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Growing a DPC practice requires crafting a brand. What is the practice going to represent to the public? Often times, doctors aren’t used to this as they are often accustomed to having advertising and PR done for them already. Yet with DPC, when patients are paying out of pocket for a monthly membership in the doctor’s practice, joining a practice means investing in the doctor. How can a doctor begin to craft a brand identity with so many other responsibilities to running a practice?


That is the topic of this episode.


In the interview, Dr James Pinckney, founder of Diamond Physicians, a DPC Franchise recognized around the country for its brand, talks about branding his DPC practice. In particular he describes what’s worked as he grew his practice from scratch, what hasn’t worked, and most importantly how he and his partner were able to bring the practice from zero patients to a nationally recognized brand.


Time Stamped

[03:58] When did Diamond Physicians start and what was the inspiration?


[07:31] How did Diamond grow from 2 doctors and one location to where it is today?


[10:23] What was the tipping point for Diamond’s growth?


[12:45] Who did your website?


[14:21] What advertising tactics didn’t work during Diamond’s growth?


[17:51] How did you go from being a single practice location to being a franchise?


[19:12] How can a doctor who is interested in the Diamond franchise learn more?



Dr James Pickney is a family physician from Dallas, Texas. He is the founder and CEO of Diamond Physicians.





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