The Host

I am Dr Landon Roussel, a primary care doctor from St James Parish, Louisiana. Growing up in Texas, I went to Rice University for college, followed by Cornell for medical school and Harvard Medical School for residency, with a brief detour in Europe to get a master’s in bioethics. My dream when I went to medical school was to become a primary care doctor to help every-day people with every-day medical needs. At the end of medical school, however, I didn’t think this dream was feasible. Every primary care doctor I met along the way was tired, not satisfied and spent more time charting and doing paperwork than actually seeing patients.

That is, until I found out about Dr Garrison Bliss and the work he was doing in Seattle to provide high-quality, high-attention primary care by cutting out insurance and charging a monthly membership fee, a model he came to call Direct Primary Care (DPC). Learning about Dr Bliss and DPC, I realized that DPC would allow me to be the doctor I went to medical school to be. So after medical school, I went into primary care residency and along the way took every opportunity I could to learn about DPC, from spending time with Dr Bliss in Seattle and Dr Josh Umbehr in Wichita to annual DPC Summits to reading and talking to everyone I could about DPC.  After I finished residency, I came home to Louisiana to start my own DPC practice.

Want to understand DPC from the ground up and how it fixes health care?

Do thousands of hours of research or listen to the DPC Podcast.

- Dr Garrison Bliss, M.D.

The Podcast

I started the DPC Podcast in residency as a way to help the DPC movement grow. On my walks to the hospital in Cambridge, I would listen to podcasts on startups, business leadership and marketing, but there was no podcast on DPC. I knew there were others in my shoes–wanting to know more about DPC and how it fits in–so I started the DPC Podcast at the end of my last year of residency, publishing the first 10 episodes before taking a two year break to grow my practice. The desire to continue podcasting for DPC was always on my heart, however. In February of 2018, I began podcasting again, fulfilling my passion to help grow the model of healthcare I believe in.

The DPC Podcast aims to focus on all issues pertinent to the DPC movement, from legal, economic, political, and social matters, helping show from every angle what it takes for DPC to become a cornerstone of the healthcare system. While there is a heavy focus on doctors, we interview lawyers, businessmen and women, brokers, consultants, politicians, and even patients, showing how all who want to join can find a place in this movement to restore healthcare.

The Audio Master

Jeff Blackwell is an on-air radio personality for over 40 years.  Jeff and Dr Roussel met when Dr Roussel began appearing as a regular guest on Catholic Community Radio in 2016, and they’ve been friends ever since. Jeff has been a live broadcast engineer for ESPN, Fox Sports the U.S. Olympic Trials World Feed in Atlanta, a recording engineer for Scooby Doo for 12 years and hundreds of talking toys and commercials, and a producer and voice talent of thousands of radio commercials.  He is the master mixer behind the Direct Primary Care Podcast.