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Episode 85: The Primary Care First Initiative: Another Qliance? With Dr Garrison Bliss

In Episode 85, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Garrison Bliss, founder of Qliance Medical and regarded by many as the founder of Direct Primary Care. In the interview, recounts his experience working for Qliance Medical while the company participated in a Medicaid initiative to provide comprehensive primary care to Medicaid beneficiaries, an initiative which failed in terms of fiscal sustainability. Dr Bliss further discusses his perspective on the similarities and differences between that initiative and the Primary Care First initiative proposed by CMS.

Episode 84: Primary Care First: What It’s Trying to Accomplish? With Mr Jay Keese

In Episode 84, Dr Roussel interviews Jay Keese of the Direct Primary Care Coalition about the new Primary Care First Initiative announced by CMS earlier this year. In the interview they discuss the background of the initiative in terms of Medicare’s goal to engage primary care doctors as well as the aims of the program based on his extensive discussions with the agency throughout the course of the initiative’s development.

Episode 82: The CMS Primary Care First Initiative

In Episode 82, Dr Roussel discusses the Primary Care First Initiative, a new alternative payment model introduced by Medicare to promote value and reduce cost in healthcare. In the episode, Dr Roussel gives an overview of the PCF Initiative before delving into the nuts and bolts of what this model is about, how it is similar and different to Medicare fee-for-service and how it may affect DPC practices.

Episode 81: How Much Money to Start a DPC Practice?

In Episode 81 Dr Roussel discusses how much it costs to start a direct primary care practice from scratch. In particular he not only delves into the start up expenses needed to start a practice but also goes through a hypothetical scenario of funds needed to keep a practice afloat until it breaks even.

Episode 77: The Hint Summit 2019 with Mike Lubin

In Episode 77, Dr Roussel interviews Mike Lubin, VP of growth at Hint Health, to talk about the third annual Hint Summit. Taking place in April 2019 in San Francisco, the Hint Summit brings together people from the healthcare space and the employee benefits space to explore, discover and grow the direct care movement. In the interview they discuss the agenda of the Hint Summit, new features of this year’s Hint Summit, and most importantly how the Hint Summit can help catalyze growth for the direct primary care movement.

Episode 76: Medical Marijuana: Medical Aspects with Dr Victor Chou

In Episode 76, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Victor Chou of the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana about important medical aspects of medical marijuana. In the interview they discuss qualifying conditions for which medical marijuana is indicated, the current state of research with medical marijuana, formulations of medical marijuana, and important practical concerns for practices to take into account when dealing with medical marijuana consultations.