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Episode 75: Medical Marijuana: Legal Aspects with Jacob Irving

In Episode 75, Dr Roussel interviews Jacob Irving, lawyer, in-house counsel for Ilera Holistic, and lobbyist for medical marijuana legalization. In the interview, they discuss the status of medical marijuana across the 50 states, in terms of Federal law, and steps doctors can take to remain compliant should they decide to recommend medical marijuana.

Episode 74: Medical Marijuana and DPC


In Episode 74, Dr Roussel discusses the medical, legal and social impacts of medical marijuana. In particular he focuses on how medical marijuana is likely to affect his practice in the wake of Louisiana’s Act 261 and how it will likely impact other direct primary care practices across the country in the coming years.

Episode 73: CMS and DPC: The future of solo docs

In Episode 73, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Shane Avery about the future of DPC and Medicare. In the interview they talk about Dr Avery’s meeting last fall with the head of CMS, Ms Seema Verma, and the head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, Mr Adam Boehler, and their discussions on how to incorporate solo docs ‘into the fold’ of Medicare.

Episode 72: Is the Solo Primary Care Doc Dead? — with Dr Robert Ryan

In Episode 72, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Robert Ryan, faculty member and co-founder of East Jefferson General Hospital Family Medicine Residency program, affiliated with Tulane University. In the interview they discuss trends in what careers family medicine residents are choosing when they graduate, increasing consolidation in healthcare, how these changes are impacting the doctor patient relationship, and how DPC can improve the status quo.

Episode 71: Taking Medicare as DPC & The New Final Rule

In Episode 71, Dr Roussel talks about the options for DPC doctors when dealing with Medicare patients. In particular, he details how DPC doctors can see Medicare patients and run a DPC practice. Also, he further discusses the new Final Rule released by CMS involving new payment schedules for primary care doctors.

Episode 69: The ROAMD Curated Physicians Network–with Dr Matt Priddy

In Episode 69, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Matt Priddy about the ROAMD Curated Network of physicians. The ROAMD network is a new national network of
physicians who care for one another’s patients when they are traveling and need to be seen by a doctor. In the interview they discuss the origins of the ROAMD network, how it works, what it costs for patients and doctors and how it can benefit DPC physicians.

Episode 67: Elation Health–with Kyna Fong

In Episode 67, Dr Roussel interviews Kyna Fong, co-founder and CEO of Elation Health, Inc. In the interview they discuss the Elation Health EHR, including its inspiration, how its different from many EHRs out there, and how the company is reaching out to DPC doctors.