Episode 12 DPC and Authentic Medicine–with Dr Doug Farrago


“DPC is our only hope for family practice.”

–Dr Doug Farrago, AuthenticMedicine.com


  1. Authentic Medicine
  2. Dr Farrago’s Book
  3. The Placebo Journal


In Episode 12, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Doug Farrago about DPC allowing doctors to be true to themselves and true to the profession. A seasoned blogger, book author and speaker, Dr Farrago sees DPC as the only way that DPC doctors can be authentic amidst the harsh realities of present third-party care.

Time Stamped

[01:58] Dr Farrago’s inspiration to start writing

[03:28] How Dr Farrago’s writing about unhealthy influences in primary care aims to help doctors be true to themselves

[05:23] How authentic medicine is feasible in an age of industrialized care

[06:31] How Dr Doug sees DPC as connecting doctors back to the roots of medicine

[07:43] If everyone in the country had a DPC doctor…

[08:30] DPC is our only hope…

[09:06] How Dr Doug sees DPC as being able to help doctors with burnout

[10:23] Dr Doug’s book

[12:20] Dr Doug’s thoughts on the competition for DPC doctors


Dr Doug Farrago is a DPC doctor in Forrest, VA. He also has curated a blog for fifteen years, Authentic Medicine and is the author of “The Official Guide to Starting Your Own DPC Practice,”.


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