Episode 15: Self-funded Insurance Options that Pair with DPC–with Dan Meylan

“The direct primary care physician and their compelling story is, ‘we reduce cost, we improve access, and we improve quality.'”
~Dan Meylan

  1. Allied National Insurance Company
  2. The Freedom Plan from Allied National
  3. Dan Meylan’s Presentation at the 2017 DPC Summit
  4. Dan Meylan’s LinkedIn Profile

Small businesses can often save substantial sums by providing employees with Direct Primary Care along with self funded insurance plans, which provides more access to healthcare for the employee via DPC along with substantial reductions in premiums via the self funded insurance plan. In Episode 32, Dr Roussel interviews Dan Meylan, a seasoned insurance agent with decades of experience in third-party administration, who discusses how combining self funded insurance plans with DPC works and how it can substantially improve care and reduce costs. As well, they talk about how many insurance agents aren’t offering them because they’re used to plans that offer a fixed commission over serving as advisors who negotiate a price for serving as a consultant rather than a broker. Finally, Dan gives his thoughts on why insurance companies have unwilling to give up the networks, even though their network-free (reference based pricing) insurance plans save money.
Time Stamped
[2:37] What is Allied’s history with self funded insurance plans and how Alliend has come in contact with direct primary care?
[5:39] How many plans do you have for patient who see direct primary care doctors?
[6:49] What’s the average employer size for your self funded insurance plans?
[9:36] What would your recommendation be for employers that go through medical underwriting where it would be more costly because of the health state of the employees to get underwritten?
[11:14] What is the Freedom First Plan and what pricing model does it use?
[15:47] Many insurance companies are very reluctant to let their health care networks go. Why is that?
[18:51] Why are so many insurance companies unwilling to work or adapt to direct primary care?
[25:37] What is the impact on direct primary care physician’s actions are on the overall cost of care?
[26:44] Why aren’t insurance agents “getting it” when it comes to direct primary care?
[28:52] What should a PCD do to get more information on working with Allied?

Dan Meylan


Dan Meylan VP of sales with Allied National Insurance in Kansas. Dan has spoken around the country about self-funded insurance plans. Dan is an excellent resource for direct primary care related insurance questions. Dan trains insurance agents around the country on how to integrate direct primary care options into their consultation process with employers. Having spent six years Allied National and many more in the insurance market Dan speaks from his deep experience.


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