Episode 11: Reversing the Primary Care Shortage with DPC…with Dr Karl Hanson


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One of the major difficulties in our healthcare system is the primary care shortage. Many medical students and residents are loathe to enter/remain in primary care due to heavy workload, poor reimbursement rates and high burnout rate. In most other successful healthcare systems, there is no primary care shortage because nearly 70-80% of doctors are primary care doctors. In contrast, in the US, fewer than 50% of doctors enter primary care, and the number is decreasing each year. This is all changing with DPC, which offers a way for doctors to sustainably enter the field of primary care and remain in it for life. In this episode, Dr Roussel talks with Dr Karl Hanson, a DPC doctor in Kenner, LA about his talks with medical students and residents on the joys of DPC. DPC, he notes, offers the opportunity for young doctors to enter primary care and find a sustainable and enjoyable work environment.

Time Stamped

[01:31] Dr Hanson explains his motivation to convert his fee-for-service practice to a DPC practice.

[02:18] How Dr Hanson got involved with speaking to medical students and residents about DPC

[05:02] Why medical training gives little attention to healthcare administration and finance

[06:40] Whether medical school faculty support DPC

[08:07] Ways Dr Hanson has offered to help medical students and residents learn more about DPC

[12:02] How Dr Hanson  addresses the issue of income security and student debt for young/potential DPC doctors

[14:43] Dr Hanson’s experience with DPC’s reception by medical school faculty

[16:58] Resources for medical students and residents to learn more about DPC

Dr Karl Hanson


Dr Karl Hanson is a DPC doctor at Infinity Health in Kenner, LA. In addition to being a doctor, he delivers talks to medical students and residents around the country on DPC and how it can not only reverse the primary care shortage but also lead to a more satisfying and sustainable life for doctors.


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